Weighing in, before photos, and goals: Devon

Today is Day 1 of our 90 day fitness and weight loss challenge here on BodyByBate.com and I’m already very excited. As mentioned in our first podcast, we’re off to a good start here on Day 1.

Why I’m Doing This:

Just before I turned 19 I was about to break the threshold of 250lbs. At the time I was hitting the weights at the gym at least twice a day – not my best decision. Although I was the strongest I have ever been, I remember thinking it was all muscle I was putting on – looking back now it obviously was not.


What inspired me was a conversation I had actually overheard one time while I was out in public. I was walking by what I would guess was a father and son just as I heard the older man say “you’re 19 – this is the prime of your life.” I remember drinking a swig of pop and stopping dead in my tracks. I was just outside a clothing store and happened to be in front of a mirror, I put my hand on my stomach and asked said to myself, “I turn 19 in three days and this is the prime of my life?” Something had to change.


Within the past year I’ve been anywhere from 188 – 248lbs and with great fluctuations in strength and body shape. I’ve been falling back into slump in the past few months and need to get back into a healthy lifestyle.


I’m almost 20, so I’ve decided to pick 20 as the prime of my life.


Weigh in:


210.8 lbs. This may not be the heaviest I have ever been, but it certainly is the most I have weighed in awhile. I’ve slipped up and it’s time to get back in the game.

Before photos



Waist (at belly button): 39.5″
Hips: 42″
Chest: 45″
Neck: 15″
Bicep: Right: 15″ Left: 15″
Thigh: Right: 24″ Left: 24″
Calf: Right: 16.5″ left: 16.5″


Weight loss goal: lose 20.8 lbs
Fitness goal: Six-pack abdominals for the first time ever & Be able to do 100 pushups in one go.

The next 90 days are going to be a mix of exciting, energizing and at the same time exhausting and no doubt strenuous. I just started a new job today, so I will do my best not to use that as an excuse to say “I’m too busy now” and not get out to the gym. I plan to use the next 90 days to push my own physical limits, with strict meal plans, vigorous exercise and various sleep schedules. Hopefully by the end of this 90 days, I will be a muscular 190 lbs.

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