73: Katie Shares Her Healthy Living Journey And Love For Food


What does it take to get healthy and change your lifestyle? Join us as we chat with Katie, a certified personal trainer, a runner, and an editor at TheActiveTimes.com. She is a food enthusiast and health living blogger over at Hungry-Runner.com.

Biggest challenge

Finding moderation and balance – Katie loves food and is constantly looking for a balance. She has some great tips for finding that moderation.

How do you stay so motivated and accountable?

Blog and social following – making sure she was surrounding herself in the world of fitness.

Key Advice For Beginners

Set a goal, ask for help, and look for resources. The motivation will fade and you need to keep things going,

Inspiring Quotes:

“Workouts are like brushing my teeth, I don’t think about them I just do them. The decision has already been made.”

Favourite Meal:

Homemade lasagne from grandma. Also homemade pizza.

Favourite Workout


Interview Links & Resources Mentioned:

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Katie’s recipe for homemade pizza
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episode 73 with Katie from Hungry-Runner.com

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