Just Another Experiment: Spending a Lifetime without Caffeine

no caffeine
Ha. Lifetime. At least that’s what it feels like already. It’s actually only going to be 15 days spanning from the morning of May 25 to the day’s end of June 8. For those that might not know it, I am what some would say a bit of a caffeine addict, and more than just a cup of coffee or two in order to get the day rolling. A disgusting amount more.


I’m not sure how I found myself on this path, whether it was studying for exams, or breaking into the early morning gym routine, but it seems to have progressed over the last couple of years. Of course, with the large amounts of caffeine I also ventured down the path of very little sleep. I used to think of this as being efficient, I could spend more hours awake, you know, doing stuff. And while that might feel like a necessity once in awhile in order to get something done, it certainly shouldn’t be an every day occurrence.


I also noticed that I have hit somewhat of a plateau in my health and fitness, so I wanted to mix something up. I did a bit of digging around the darkest corners of the Internet to realize that I could very well simply need more sleep and time to recover. The body does some pretty incredible things when you’re sleeping, but for that to actually work, you need to be sleeping. Along with this idea, I figured caffeine would make the most sense to try and cleanse from my body. I have been hearing that around the 14 day mark is a good time frame to get it out of your system, so that’s what I am planning on doing. I want to be able to wake up and get excited about the day without the use of a steamy black liquid to welcome me to the world. When the two weeks are up, I am hoping I can stick to drinking coffee only when I really need that boost, instead of simply bringing me to my norm.


Adam and I chatted about this a few days back and I think he is looking to join me for a couple weeks. We both agreed to kick alcohol for the same time on top just to keep the mind clear and get that out of our systems as well.


Yesterday was the first day, and I had about 11 hours of sleep and was still very exhausted. It took so long just to get up in the morning, and I just lounged around all day. The best thing I did for myself was to start on Sunday and not Monday, because there was no way I would have made it into work – or at least got anything done. Which brings us to today. I managed to get up and make it out for my 6:00am workout routine and noticed while my body was there, my mind was not. I’ve been very forgetful, my reaction time has slowed and this afternoon brought on what I can only imagine were withdrawal headaches, which have stuck with me into the night.


If nothing else, the lack of caffeine will force me to bed and ensure I get a great night sleep. I will certainly update as the days go on.


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