Day 12: Slow carb, hunter gatherer, and managing blood sugar levels

In tonight’s podcast I admit to skipping the gym today and how our gym schedule will likely look going forward. I also discuss the why from last night’s podcast regarding the foods that I’ve chosen to eat on a daily basis. Mentioned in this episode: Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Body (affiliate link) Dr Terry […]

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Day 11: What I eat on a daily basis and freeing up mental space by removing decisions

Tonight’s podcast will take you through what I eat on a daily basis. In order to save the mental energy of having to make the daily decision of what to eat, I have decided I would eat the same meals just about every day. This also saves me a lot of time when I do […]

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Day 10: First resistance workout, gym partners, and the iTunes music store.

Tonights podcast was fairly brief as it’s been a pretty exhausting day after our first resistance training day at the gym without our personal trainer. Feel free to use the link below to subscribe to the podcast, or leave a 5-start iTunes review. Subscribe to this podcast at iTunes: click here. Are you starting your […]

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Day 9: How healthy eating and living impacts all areas of your life, 10% complete, and my first real temptation at cheating

As of tonight we are officially 10% through our 90 day health and fitness challenge. With the challenge going so fast, I talk today about how I can certainly see living this lifestyle full time and being this strict with what I put in my body all the time. Tonights podcast was a quick one […]

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Day 8: Getting back into the Monday routine and Devon talks on at-home workouts

We kick off this week with having Devon on the air to discuss some potential at-home workouts as an alternative to the gym. Although you won’t find the same caliber of machines at home as you would at the gym, it is possible to get a great full-body workout to get the blood flowing well […]

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Day 7: Sunday evenings, grocery shopping, and adding new foods to the diet

Today marks the end of the first full week in our 90 day fitness challenge. It looks like both Devon, Dad, and Colleen wrote a few words to reflect on the week and looks like they are all ready for the new week. In today’s podcast I go into a little detail on our experience […]

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Day 6: Over 40 pounds lost this week, body fat %, and cheat days.

What an incredible week as far as our weight loss numbers go. As I mentioned on the show we had over 40 pounds lost this week – with two people showing double digit weight loss. Was an exciting week for us as we kick off this challenge and we’re looking forward to just as great […]

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Week 1 weigh-in and status update: Adam

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s podcast, I think we’re going to be doing a weekly weigh-in on Saturday morning. Our first weigh in was on a Sunday but we wanted to weigh in before the weekend – a time that we suspect we’ll add a little weight with a cheat meal or two. Everyone in […]

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Day 5: Our first personal training session and preparing for the weekend

TGIF. In today’s podcast I reflect on our first personal training session. It was nice to get in and find out where we are starting and how we’re going to get to where we want to be. We also quickly discuss our plans for the weekend and allowing ourselves to cheat a bit on our […]

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Day 4: Increased energy, check-in with home, and preparing for the personal trainer

Well we’re into day 4 today and I’ll admit that it was pretty painful to not be able to go out for some wings and beer tonight. That said, the alternative of trout, kidney beans, and asparagus wasn’t so bad. I kept today’s podcast pretty quick since I suspect we’ll have a lot to talk […]

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