58: Ashley Talks About Her Weight Loss Journey And Healthy Living Story


What does it take to get healthy and change your lifestyle? Join us as we chat with Ashley, a health and fitness enthusiast and blogger, a AdvoCare advisor, a powerlifter and runner, who is on a quest to live a happy and healthy life.

Biggest challenge

Ashley talks about how facing life events while trying to lose weight and build a healthy lifestyle is very challenging. She shares her journey on how she overcame the challenges along the way.

How do you stay so motivated and accountable?

Ashley is very self-motivated. She wanted to make the changes toward being a healthier person. Her motivation changes over time and Ashley talks

Key Advice For Beginners

Diet is the first key for changing your lifestyle. You’ll get the biggest impact from changing your diet when first starting out. Ashley shares a lot of great advice for beginners or anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiring Quotes:

“Every person has a beautiful story, you just need to take a minute to listen.”

Favourite Meal:

Mexican food.

Favourite Workout

Spin class.

Interview Links & Resources Mentioned:

Coffee Cake and Cardio – Ashley’s blog.
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Weight Watchers
Back To Her Roots
Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels

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episode 58 with Ashley from CoffeeCakeAndCardio.com

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