90 Day weigh in, measurements, and after picture: Adam

It’s incredible to think how quickly the past 90 days has gone by. Today is the last day of our 90 day challenge. It’s a little bitter sweet – but I know the next 90 days will be just as exciting for us.

I’ve decided to toss up my before/after pictures, measurements, and weight here. Hopefully this will inspire some of you as to what can actually be done within 90 days if you put your mind to it.

Starting Measurements:

Waist (at belly button): 41″
Hips: 44″
Chest: 44″
Neck: 16.25
Bicep: Right: 14.25″ Left: 13.25″
Thigh: Right: 25.5″ Left: 25.5″
Calf: Right: 16″ left: 16″

90 Day Measurements:

Waist (at belly button): 34.5 (-6.5″)
Hips: 39.25″ (-4.75″)
Chest: 39″ (-5″)
Neck: 14.75 (-1.5)
Bicep: Right: 13″ Left: 12.75″ (-1.25/.5)
Thigh: Right: 22.75″ Left: 22.75″ (-2.75″)
Calf: Right: 15″ left: 15″ (-1″ ea)

Initial Weight:

224 Pounds

Adam Bate Weight Loss

Day 90 Weight:

183.8 Pounds

Adam Bate Weight Loss

Before & After, Front:
Before & After, Side:
Before & After, Back:

Overall this was a huge success and I’m extremely happy with the results and my effort over the past 90 days. I lost a total of 40.2 pounds and 27 inches, and have never felt better. I hit both my weight loss goal and my fitness goal – as I’ve been training for my marathon for the past four weeks.

If there are any questions let me know – I’ll be coming out with a podcast either today or tomorrow to recap everything.

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  1. jay April 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Wow, congratulations on the transformation, your body looks fantastic from then till now, plus your skin looks better and you look better then before.

    I was wondering if you can give me some tips
    I am 19 years old male, height: 5`6
    I lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks now weigh 139 pounds but haven’t seen a big difference in my belly fat (my body fat is 25%)
    I did boxing for 4 weeks(stopped as it is too far away) and now go gym, 5-6 times a week running on the treadmill and doing cross country training aswell. Plus I do weight training one of the days per week
    On the treadmill I do interval training 3x per week and then do 10k intense speed 2x per week

    My diet has been clean I eat:
    Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs and fruits or a wholegrain porridge and a fruit
    Snack: fruit
    Lunch: either rice and chicken curry(am Asian itheres always curry in my house) or a sandwich (when am at university)
    Snack fruits
    End the night on fruits or tuna
    I have been eating 1200 cals a day but will increase that to 1700.

    Please can you help me because I cannot see myself losing fat at all now.
    What do I need to do to lower my body fat at least by 10%

    • Adam Bate April 17, 2013 at 10:55 am #

      Hey Jay – sounds like you have a pretty good routine, and congrats on the weight loss so far.

      I like your workout.

      For your diet, I would recommend cutting back on the fruit. Fruit is quite high in sugar and although very nutritious, isn’t great for fat loss because of this.

      Do you eat a dinner meal? I don’t see one listed. Also, aim to get 30+ grams of protein first thing in the morning with breakfast (you’re likely pretty close with the hard boiled eggs).

      Make sure you’re getting lots of vegetables as well.

  2. Inder Singh April 22, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    Wow Great !!! I’m 21 Male 6 feet. Three weeks ago i was 238 pounds now i’m 231.
    I do 5 days a week workout cycling 30min at full difficulty + rope skipping + Other exercises
    Calorie intake is around 1500-1800 Daily..
    What else can i do !!!
    I’m totally free and only thing i want is to get rid of fat !! Please help me

  3. Julienne Mark April 24, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    May I know if you are repeating the same fried eggs, bacons and mushrooms for breakfast? What is also your lunch and dinner? Do you also repeat the food you eat everyday? Thanks!

    • Adam Bate April 24, 2013 at 11:00 am #

      Hey Julienne,

      I do the exact same lunch and dinner (with the exception of the type of meat I use for supper).

      If you checkout our facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/bodybybate/ I’ve posted pictures of all the meals that I repeat.

  4. Debra johnson April 24, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    i am at 165 and wont to loss at less 35 pounds i am 49 year old and it is very hard for me to loss. i am going to try by best wish me luck and thank u . i no i can do it with your and gods help i am starting tommorrow please keep in touch with me and help me with my meals

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